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Rhythmic Gymnastics

Previously known as Rhythmic Sportive Gymnastics, now popularly known as just Rhythmic Gymnastics or RG in short, this gymnastics discipline involves dance, suppleness, jumps, leaps, elegant movements coordinating with hand held apparatus and music.

Mainly for girls, we provide both recreational and competitive classes at school and club levels. Our programme caters to gymnasts wishing to achieve Grades from the National RG Grading System. With this, gymnasts can compete at both school and club competitions.

Our training methodology involves an overall balanced  physical development therefore avoiding muscular imbalances. We believe in proper progressions and body conditioning techniques to achieve skills which sometimes take a longer time but avoids the possibility of injuries especially in growing children.



- Beginners Class at THE TUBE, Dataran Prima

- Other classes at PERSADA PLUS, Subang Jaya



- Fees are based on classes in a term

- Collected 1st week of the term


Trial Class

Trials are available upon request. Kindly contact management for more information

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