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Merry Gym

Total Gym's proprietary programme popularly known as The Merry Gym programme is specifically designed for little kids from the AGES OF 4 years to 7 years. It involves fundamental physical movements like jumps, rotations, balance, suppleness, landings and rolls. These Principal Movement Progressions helps develope confidence, coordination and physical well being for children at a young age. Ultimately, these participants will be prepared to take on other physical activities with self assurance and skill proficiency.

We propose that parents send their kids for an initial trial class to ascertain if their kids can follow group instructions and be independent with the class. Upon succeeding in the trial, parents can then sign up their kids for the respective classes.

Classes are being held at :

1. The Tube, Dataran Prima, Petaling Jaya

2. Sri KL International School, Subang Jaya






If you don't LEAP
you'll never know
what it's like to FLY

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